Monthly Archives: June 2013

My second post

My second post is designed to test whether the LaTeX plugin that I just tried to activate works. Supposedly I type something like:

Latex formula


Latex formula

and I will see lovely mathematics displayed in my blog. (If you want really lovely mathematics, read Terry Tao’s blog.)

My First Post

Indiana University recently announced its intention of removing their support for personal web pages for their faculty. Consequently, I bought my own domain name and web site hosting through GoDaddy makes it easy to install WordPress and WordPress makes it easy to blog. It’s not that I have that much to say to the world or that the world wants to listen to me or that I am comfortable putting my writing and ideas in the public domain. But here I go!

Blogs are suppose to have themes and education is what interests me. We have two autistic sons, one in a special education kindergarten program and one being homeschooled in fifth grade. I teach college and graduate students at Indiana University Bloomington and I believe in life-long learning. Hence the title of the blog: K-102 Education.