Math V-118 (Section 29077) Syllabus without Homework

Class Times, Days, and Place: 10:10 am MWF BH 246
Text: Finite Mathematics by Maki and Thompson, 5th edition for the first half of the course and free lecture notes that I will provide for the second half of the course.
Course website:
Syllabus with the Homework Assignments:
Professor: Elizabeth Housworth
Office: 371 Rawles Hall
Office Hours: Sundays 1-4 pm
Office Phone: 855-1960
Important Dates: Departmental Midterm: Friday, February 24, 10:10-11:00 am
                              Last Day for Automatic Withdrawals: March 7, 2012
                              Final Exam: Monday, April 30, 10:15am - 12:15pm.

Authorized (and mostly Free) Sources for Help in M118:
The Finite Show:
Help Sessions: Math Learning Center: 9 am - 5 pm M-F Swain East 340
Mathematics Department: Mon-Thurs 5:45-7:45 pm in Swain West 217 (beginning in the 2nd week of classes)
Academic Support Center: Sun-Thurs 7-11 pm (starting 2nd week of classes) in Briscoe, Forest, Teter Halls
X101: Learning Strategies for Math. This is a 2 credit hour course you can take in conjunction with M118 and with at least the first half of V118. It will help you study and learn the material in this class. It is recommended if you have math anxiety, are struggling with the material, have failed the class previously, or have low placement exam scores and/or low math SAT scores.
M118 Study Guide (Click on the M118 link):
Scott Brown's Go Finite Page:
For Profit and/or Non-IU Sponsored Sources for Help in M118:
Private Tutor List: (I strongly encourage you to ignore the sentiment expressed by these individuals. Your duty to whomever is paying for your education is to obtain your education. However, some of the resources provided here are currently free and do not appear to be mathematically incorrect.)
Khan Academy: Non-profit online videos on a variety of topics, including mathematical and financial topics covered in this course.
You can also find tutors on the Jobs ads on OneStart and those people who hand out fliers in front of Rawles Hall offer tutoring for at least the standard probability portion of the course.

Class policies: Homework is due daily in lecture. Assignments turned in at least half an hour before lecture but outside of class will also be accepted. Pop quizzes may be given in class and are pooled together with homeworks. Your six lowest scores will be dropped and no homework or quiz will be accepted late for any reason. Allowing for six dropped scores should cover all extramural activities, illnesses, and other excused absences. The adjacent table gives the relative contribution of your exams, final exam, homework, and quizzes to your class grade.

You may take a make-up exam for any exam from which you have an excused absence. If the absence in known in advance, you must fill out a variance form available from the mathematics department office. In the event of an unexcused absence, you may take a make-up exam with a one-letter grade reduction penalty at a designated time within 2 days of the original exam; otherwise, you earn a zero for the exam.

Quizzes and Homeworks  15 %
Exam I  15 %
Midterm  25 %
Exam III  15 %
Final Exam  30 %
Total 100 %

Calculators: A single-line scientific calculator may be used on some exams. No graphing calculators or other electronic devices (such as cell phones) may be used.

Cheating: It is not possible to cheat on homework and pop quizzes. These will all be open note, open text, open friend, etc... However, all exam work must be your own and no cheating will be tolerated. All suspected cases of cheating will be handled in accordance with University procedures found at If you do cheat, you will receive an F* in the course. Additional sanctions may be imposed by the Dean.

Religious Holiday Policy: If you will miss class, especially a class during which there will be an exam or other required work, for a religious holiday, you must inform me during the first two weeks of the semester.

Homework: To do well in V118, you need to keep up with the material. Essential to that task is studying and practicing daily. If the homework you are asked to turn in each day in class is not sufficient practice for you, additional suggested exercises are provided on the departmental syllabus. These are usually odd numbered problems with solutions given in the back of your text. You should work problems until you are comfortable with the material and get most of the answers correct.

The homework will be graded as follows: two problems will be chosen to be graded. You will get 5 points per graded problem for a completely correct answer, 2.5 points for a mostly correct answer and/or good initial attempt, and 0 points for an incorrect answer for a total of 10 points per assignment. You will not receive extensive feedback as to what you did wrong. To obtain this feedback, ask how to do the problem at one of the sources of help you have available to you (my office hours, departmental help sessions, or the tutoring services provided in the residence halls.)

Practice Exams for V118 this term.
Practice for V118 Exam 1   Solutions

Practice Exams: To be revised. These are for M118.
Practice Exam 1a   Solutions
Practice Exam 1b   Solutions
Practice Midterm 1   Solutions
Practice Midterm 2   Solutions
Practice Exam 3
Practice Final Exam

  More Practice Exams:
Greg Kattner's Practice Exams


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