Math 761 - Topics in Applied Statistics

Class Day and Times: Tu-Th 8:00-9:15
Class Location: (TuTh) RH 104
Text: Lecture Notes (to be updated regularly, print only what you need)
Data Sets: Data Sets for the Projects
WEB Page:
Instructor: Elizabeth Housworth
Office and Office Hours: 371 Rawles Hall, Thursday 10-11 am, Sunday 1-2 pm
Important dates: Last day for automatic withdrawals is Wednesday, March 8.

Grading Procedure and class policies: There will be 5 projects for this course. You may choose any of the projects in the "projects" section of a chapter. There may be only one project listed. If there is more than one, you should choose only one to pursue.

You may discuss the projects with your classmates but all of your work - your code, your essay, etc... - should be your own individual work. Violations of this policy will be taken seriously. Any blatant or extensive plagiarism will result in your failing this course.

There will be an attendance bonus: if you attend at least 90% of all classes (and thus have 3 or fewer absences), you may drop one project. To qualify as attending, you must be in class by 8:05 am.

The essay part of your projects is due in class on the due dates listed. Send me the code you used in your project as a ".txt" file via e-mail by 8 am on the due date.

Chapter Due
Project 1       1February 9, Thursday
Project 2       2March 2, Thursday
Project 3       3March 20, Thursday
Project 4       4April 20, Thursday
Project 5       5May 4, Thursday