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The following software may be used to compute the interference parameter for tetrad data under the counting model and the interference parameter and the proportion of non-interfering crossovers under an extension of the counting model. The ".jar" files are executable - that is, you just double click on them after you download them to your computer in order to run the program and get the graphical user interface. The only problem is that they look like regular files instead of like programs. The ".exe" is the same code; it just has a nicer icon.

Windows Executable Java 1.5 jar file Java 1.4 (Macintosh) jar file
InterferenceAnalyzer.exe InterferenceAnalyzer_1.5.jar InterferenceAnalyzer_1.4.jar

Known Issues If you want to use the Java 1.5 jar file on a Windows computer and if, when you click on the link above, you get a .zip file, then (1) Click on the link with the right mouse button, (2) select "Save target as", (3) change the extension to ".jar". This method has worked for me.

Data Sets and Results
Data Set Interference parameter, m, from the counting model Approximate confidence interval Interference parameter, m, from the extended model Approximate confidence interval Proportion of non-interfering crossovers, p, from the extended model Approximate confidence interval Significance of the Likelihood Ratio Test for the two models
Arabidopsis Chromosome 3 Data
[2, 5]
[4, > 20]
(0.02, 0.30)
0/200 or less than 0.01
Yeast data
[3, 4]
(0.058, 0.135)
0/200 or less than 0.01

Link to submitted article including instruction on the use of the software.

Links to the Java code.