Math-M463/S463 Introduction to Probability Theory

Section: 3892/3922
Class Day and Times: MWF 11:15 am - 12:05 pm
Class Location: SW 221
Text: Introduction to Probability by Grinstead and Snell Available online and in your Oncourse Resources Folder
WEB Page:
Instructor: Elizabeth Housworth
Office and Office Hours: 371 Rawles Hall, Tentatively Mondays 1:15-2:45 and Thursdays 2-3:30 and by appointment
Important dates: Last day for automatic withdrawals is Wednesday, October 23. The final exam for our section of Math 463 is 5:00-7:00 p.m, Wednesday, December 18.

Grading Procedure and class policies: Homework is due in class on the dates indicated on the syllabus below. If you know you will have to miss class, you may turn in your homework early. Late homework will not generally be accepted. In cases of dire illness or other emergencies, short delays in turning in the assignment may be allowed but proof of illness or emergency may be required as well. One homework assignment will be dropped when calculating your homework average.

There is a participation component to the course grade to encourage attendance. There may be random group pop quizzes to give me a sense of your understanding of the material, to facilitate your learning, and to check attendance.

Homeworks  100
Attendance and Participation    50
Exam 1  100
Exam 2  100
Final Exam  150
Total  500

Cheating Policy: You can work together on the homeworks. Exams are individual work only. If I have determined that you have cheated, following the procedures for evaluating and reporting academic misconduct at IUB, I will give you an F* in the course.

Religious Holiday Policy: If you will miss class, especially a class during which there will be an exam or other required work, for a religious holiday, you must inform me during the first two weeks of the semester.  

Tentative Syllabus
Date Topics
Monday, August 26 Random number generation
Wednesday, August 28 Discrete probability distributions
Friday, August 30 Discrete probability distributions
Homework Problem Set 1 Due Wednesday, September 4
Monday, September 2 Labor Day Holiday
Wednesday, September 4 Continuous probability distributions
Friday, September 6 Continuous probability distributions
Homework Problem Set 2 Due Wednesday, September 11
Monday, September 9 Permutations
Wednesday, September 11 Combinations
Friday, September 13 Combinations
Homework Problem Set 3 Due Wednesday, September 18
Monday, September 16 Combinatorial Proofs
Wednesday, September 18 Discrete joint and conditional distributions
Friday, September 20 Discrete joint and conditional distributions
Homework Problem Set 4 Due Wednesday, September 25
Monday, September 23 Continuous joint and conditional distributions
Wednesday, September 25 Continuous joint and conditional distributions
Friday, September 27 Mixtures and paradoxes
Homework Problem Set 5 Due Friday, October 4
Monday, September 30 Review
Practice Exam 1
Wednesday, October 2 Exam 1
Friday, October 4 Important discrete distributions
Homework Problem Set 6 Due Friday, October 11
Monday, October 7 Important discrete distributions
Wednesday, October 9 Important densities
Friday, October 11 Important densities
Homework Problem Set 7 Due Wednesday, October 16
Monday, October 14 Functions of random variables
Wednesday, October 16 Expected value
Friday, October 18 Fall Break: Holiday
Homework Problem Set 8 Due Friday, October 25
Monday, October 21 Expected value
Wednesday, October 23 Expected value
Friday, October 25 Expected value
Homework Problem Set 9 Due Friday, November 1
Monday, October 28 Sums of discrete random variables
Wednesday, October 30 Sums of continuous random variables
Friday, November 1 Functions of random variables
Homework Problem Set 10 Due Wednesday, November 6
Monday, November 4 Laws of Large Numbers
Wednesday, November 6 Methods of convergence
Friday, November 8 Laws of Large Numbers
Homework Problem Set 11 Due Friday, November 22
Monday, November 11 Review
Practice Exam 2
Wednesday, November 13 Exam 2
Friday, November 15 Generating functions
Monday, November 18 Branching processes
Wednesday, November 20 Generating functions
Friday, November 22 Central Limit Theorem
Thanksgiving Holiday
Monday, December 2 Central limit theorem
Wednesday, December 4 Order statistics
Friday, December 6 Approximate methods
Homework Problem Set 12 Due Wednesday, December 11
Monday, December 9 Rejection method
Wednesday, December 11 Review and evaluations
Practice Final Exam
Friday, December 13 Review
Final - Wednesday, December 18, 5-7 pm