Biostatistics Mini-project 6

Your solution should be written up as a report (an essay). You should write as though you were writing a methods and results section for a paper you would submit. Rephrase the question posed, write a brief summary of your results making clear what test you used (including degrees of freedom and other relevant parameters) and whether the test was one or two-sided, if appropriate. Graphics can be very useful and can make your point for you better than words do. Include them when appropriate. Your write-ups should be kept short. You should NOT do every test you know to do with these data and then discuss all possible outcomes. You SHOULD pick an appropriate test, conduct it, and report the results of it. NEVER, NEVER include raw Minitab (or other software) output. When appropriate, you can format your own table and include the relevant parts of the Minitab output. You should also comment on the experimental design and how it impacts your conclusions. If the data are observational, then there may be numerous factors impacting the significance of the test (or the lack of significance) and the results may not be due to the factor that is distinguishing the groups but by some uncontrolled factor. True experiments also differ in the quality of their design for controlling for miscellaneous factors. Mention any problems with the design you notice.

The grading rubric for these assigments can be found through the following link: Grading Rubric for Homeworks and Projects

Problem: Surviving the Titanic sinking.

Download the data on the survivorship of passengers and crew on the Titanic, avaliable at:

The data are in the file

and the discription of the data is available at:

What can you say about about survivorship based on a person's sex, age, and class?