Bio Z620 - Biostatistics

Section: 15642
Class Day and Times: MWF 1:25-2:15
Class Location: MY 209
Text: Lecture Notes accessible from this WEB page
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Instructor: Elizabeth Housworth
Office and Office Hours: 371 Rawles Hall, 12-1 Tuesdays, 1-2 Thursdays, 2-3 Sundays and by appointment
Important dates: Last day for automatic withdrawals is Wednesday, October 29. Our Final Exam period is 8-10 am on Thursday, December 18.

Grading Procedure and class policies: Homework assignments involve mini-projects where you completely analyze a data set and turn in a written report about your results. The assignments can be found through their links which are located on their due dates on the syllabus given below. In addition, you have one individual data analysis project of a data set of your choosing. Your data and research proposal are due on November 5, a progress report is due December 3, and your final report due by Monday, December 15 at noon.
Homeworks  150
Attendance and Participation  100
Individual Project  250
Total  500

Cheating Policy: You can work together on the homeworks. Individual projects should be your individual work only and, if I have determined that you have cheated, I will give you an F in the course.

Religious Holiday Policy: If you will miss class, especially a class during which there will be an exam or other required work, for a religious holiday, you must inform me during the first two weeks of the semester.  

Tentative Syllabus
Date Topics Work Due
Monday, September 1 Labor Day, Table of Contents and Index and --
Wednesday, September 3 Developing your common sense --
Friday, September 5 Intuitive p-values --
Monday, September 8 Various versions of the t-test. --
Wednesday, September 10 Assumptions --
Friday, September 12 Log Transformations --
Monday, September 15 Nonparametric procedures for comparing two distributions --
Wednesday, September 17 Bootstrapping and Permutation tests --
Friday, September 19 Paired Samples --
Monday, September 22 Guide to comparing two samples --
Wednesday, September 24 One-way ANOVA theory --
Friday, September 26 One-way ANOVA examples Mini-project 1
Monday, September 29 ANOVA alternatives --
Wednesday, October 1 Making Comparisons after ANOVA --
Friday, October 3 Multiple comparisons --
Monday, October 6 Simple linear regression I --
Wednesday, October 8 Simple linear regression II --
Friday, October 10 Outliers and leverage points --
Monday, October 13 Regression diagnostics --
Wednesday, October 15 Transformations and regression
Bird heart rate and egg mass data from Tazawa et al. 2001
Friday, October 17 Serial correlation We are several lecture behind this term so the dates do not correspond to the date we discuss these topics. However, each lecture note is on the topic listed. To compute the significance of the serial correlation you need the table in Durbin's and Watson's paper: Tables for assessing the significance of the Durbin and Watson Statistic Mini-project 2
Monday, October 20 Weighted regression --
Wednesday, October 22 Multiple linear regression I --
Friday, October 24 Multiple linear regression II --
Monday, October 27 ANOVA and regression --
Wednesday, October 29 Model fitting example --
Friday, October 31 Multiple regression diagnostics --
Monday, November 3 Interactions in Regression --
Wednesday, November 5 Model selection I --
Friday, November 7 Model selection II Mini-project 3
Monday, November 10 2(+)-way ANOVA theory --
Wednesday, November 12 2(+)-way ANOVA examples --
Friday, November 14 2(+)-way ANOVA without replication Research proposal and data due
Monday, November 17 Random effect and experimental design --
Wednesday, November 19 Categorical responses: test for equal proportions and odds ratios --
Friday, November 21 Categorical responses: Chi-square tests and Fisher's exact test Mini-project 4
Monday, November 24 Mantel-Haenszel test --
Wednesday, November 26 Thanksgiving Break --
Friday, November 28 Thanksgiving Break --
Monday, December 1 Logistic regression - theory --
Wednesday, December 3 Logistic regression - examples Progress report due
Friday, December 5 Logistic regression - diagnostics --
Monday, December 8 Logistic regression with binomial counts --
Wednesday, December 10 Extra-binomial variation Mini-project 5
Friday, December 12 Review --
Written Project due Monday, December 15 by noon