EAH Elizabeth Ann Housworth

I am a Professor of Mathematics, Biology, and Statistics at Indiana University in Bloomington. I am also currently Chair of the Deparment of Mathematics. My research interests include statistical genetics, especially models of crossover interference, phylogenetics, genomics, combinatorics, probability, and statistics.

Address: Department of Mathematics, Department of Biology, and Department of Statistics at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 47405
Office: 106 Rawles Hall
Office Phone: (812) 855-2200
Office Hours: By appointment

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In the summer of 2013, Indiana University Information Technology Services announced their intention of removing their support for personal WEB pages for the faculty: "As part of our ongoing initiative to improve IU computing resources and protect computer security, UITS has determined that hosting personal web pages on IU IT resources is no longer appropriate." At that time, I bought the domain name Currently, my personal WEB site is hosted by Advantages of this new system include the ability to have scripts and programs run from my WEB page, something not allowed on the old for security reasons, and the ability to blog about education using WordPress.